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18 November 2016

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Anton Corbijn

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Mat Cook, Intro Design

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4 position



Dave Gahan


Martin Gore


Andy Fletcher



Alan Wilder (October 1982 - 01 June 1995 | one-off show in 17 February 2010)


Vince Clarke (1980 - 03 December 1981)


Video Singles Collection - Out November 18th

Depeche Mode's Video Singles Collection, the Iconic Group's First-Ever Career-Spanning Anthology of Groundbreaking Music Films, to be Released by SONY Music Entertainment on November 18

Definitive Depeche Mode Video Library Presents the Group's Original Music Video Singles--from 1981 to 2013--in a 3DVD DigiPak

Depeche Mode's Video Singles Collection -- the definitive 3DVD library anthology containing more than four hours of the post-punk pioneers' groundbreaking music videos (and two-plus hours of audio commentary) -- will be released by SONY Music Entertainment on November 18, 2016.

Video Singles Collection is the first official Depeche Mode archival title to be released under the SONY imprimatur since SME acquired rights to the DM catalog in July 2015.

"We're pleased and honored to be releasing Depeche Mode's Video Singles Collection, an essential addition to the band's recently licensed catalog documenting their lasting contributions to music video history," said Richard Story, President Commercial Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment.

The 3DVD set presents more than three decades worth of Depeche Mode's international hit singles as lensed for the group's mind-blowing progression of innovative and provocative music videos directed by a who's who of cinematic visionaries including Julien Temple, Anton Corbijn, D.A. Pennebaker, John Hillcoat and others.

Throughout Depeche Mode's career, the group has placed an essential emphasis on the quality of their videos, collaborating with world-class directors and crews on some of the most influential and powerful short films in music video history.

"Videos have always played an essential part in how we wanted to present Depeche Mode's music to the world," agreed the members of the band. "It's been amazing to go back and relive all the experiences and memories these videos evoke after all these years. It's incredible to have all our videos finally together in one place and we're hoping our fans enjoy this journey through time as much as we did."

Video Singles Collection is the first in a series of band-approved retrospective projects examining Depeche Mode's extraordinary career and effect on pop culture and marks the first time that DM's video singles--from 1981 to 2013--have been compiled together in a single anthology.

The set includes 55 newly restored versions of the essential video singles in the DM canon in addition to four rare alternate videos and new commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release.

Depeche Mode - Video Singles Collection

Featured Videos

Just Can't Get Enough (directed by Clive Richardson)

See You (directed by Julien Temple)

The Meaning Of Love (directed by Julien Temple)

Leave In Silence (directed by Julien Temple)

Get The Balance Right (directed by Kevin Hewitt)

Everything Counts (directed by Clive Richardson)

Love, In Itself (directed by Clive Richardson)

People Are People (directed by Clive Richardson)

Master And Servant (directed by Clive Richardson)

Blasphemous Rumours (directed by Clive Richardson)

Somebody (directed by Clive Richardson)

Shake The Disease (directed by Peter Care)

It's Called A Heart (directed by Peter Care)

Stripped (directed by Peter Care)

But Not Tonight (directed by Tamra Davis)

A Question Of Lust (directed by Clive Richardson)

A Question Of Time (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Strangelove (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Never Let Me Down Again (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Behind The Wheel (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Little 15 (directed by Martyn Atkins)

Strangelove '88 (directed by Martyn Atkins)

Everything Counts (Live - from "101") (directed by D.A. Pennebaker)

Personal Jesus (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Enjoy The Silence (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Policy Of Truth (directed by Anton Corbijn)

World In My Eyes (directed by Anton Corbijn)

I Feel You (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Walking In My Shoes (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Condemnation (Paris Mix) (directed by Anton Corbijn)

One Caress (directed by Kevin Kerslake)

In Your Room (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Barrel Of A Gun (directed by Anton Corbijn)

It's No Good (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Home (directed by Steven Green)

Useless (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Only When I Lose Myself (directed by Brian Griffin)

Dream On (directed by Stephane Sednaoui)

I Feel Loved (directed by John Hillcoat)

Freelove (directed by John Hillcoat)

Goodnight Lovers (directed by John Hillcoat)

Enjoy The Silence '04 (directed by Uwe Flade)

Precious (directed by Uwe Flade)

A Pain That I'm Used To (directed by Uwe Flade)

Suffer Well (directed by Anton Corbijn)

John The Revelator (directed by Blue Leach)

Martyr (directed by Robert Chandler)

Wrong (directed by Patrick Daughters)

Peace (directed by Jonas and François)

Hole To Feed (directed by Eric Wareheim)

Fragile Tension (directed by Rob Chandler and Barney Steel)

Personal Jesus 2011 (directed by Patrick Daughters)

Heaven (directed by Timothy Saccenti)

Soothe My Soul (directed by Warren Fu)

Should Be Higher (directed by Anton Corbijn)

People Are People (12" Version)

Stripped (Unreleased Alternate Cut)

But Not Tonight (Pool Version)

Soothe My Soul (Extended)


3 x DVD (88985383339) US


Just Can't Get Enough

See You

The Meaning Of Love

Leave In Silence

Get The Balance Right

Everything Counts

Love, In Itself

People Are People

Master And Servant

Blasphemous Rumours


Shake The Disease

It's Called A Heart


But Not Tonight

A Question Of Lust

A Question Of Time


Never Let Me Down Again

Behind The Wheel

Audio Commentaries

Just Can't Get Enough (Dave Gahan)

Just Can't Get Enough (Andy Fletcher)

Just Can't Get Enough (Martin Gore)

See You (Andy Fletcher)

See You (Martin Gore)

The Meaning Of Love (Martin Gore)

Get The Balance Right (Dave Gahan)

Master And Servant (Andy Fletcher)

Shake The Disease (Andy Fletcher)

It's Called A Heart (Martin Gore)

Stripped (Dave Gahan)

Stripped (Martin Gore)

A Question Of Time (Martin Gore)

Strangelove (Dave Gahan)

Strangelove (Andy Fletcher)

Never Let Me Down (Dave Gahan)

Never Let Me Down (Andy Fletcher)

Behind The Wheel (Dave Gahan)

Behind The Wheel (Andy Fletcher)


Little 15

Strangelove '88

Everything Counts (Live)

Personal Jesus

Enjoy The Silence

Policy Of Truth

World In My Eyes

I Feel You

Walking In My Shoes


One Caress

In Your Room

Barrel Of A Gun

It's No Good



Only When I Lose Myself

Dream On

I Feel Loved

Audio Commentaries

Personal Jesus (Andy Fletcher)

Enjoy The Silence (Dave Gahan)

Enjoy The Silence (Martin Gore)

I Feel You (Dave Gahan)

Walking In My Shoes (Martin Gore)

In Your Room (Martin Gore)

Barrel Of A Gun (Martin Gore)

It's No Good (Dave Gahan)

It's No Good (Andy Fletcher)



Goodnight Lovers

Enjoy The Silence'04


A Pain That I'm Used To

Suffer Well"

John The Revelator




Hole To Feed

Fragile Tension

Personal Jesus 2011


Soothe My Soul

Should Be Higher

Bonus Alternate Music Videos

People Are People (12" Version)

Stripped (Unreleased Alternate Cut)

But Not Tonight (Pool Version)

Soothe My Soul (Extended)

Audio Commentaries

Freelove (Martin Gore)

Suffer Well (Dave Gahan)

Wrong (Dave Gahan)

Wrong (Andy Fletcher)


Label Code:   LC 02361

Barcode:   8 89853 83339 9

Runout DVD1 Outer Ring:   DVDL-7079620A1 2 A01

Runout DVD1 Inner Ring:   DVDL-7079620B1 1 A02

Mastering SID Code DVD1 Outer:   IFPI L333

Mastering SID Code DVD1 Inner:   IFPI L331

Mould SID Code DVD1:   IFPI QW4A

Runout DVD2 Outer Ring:   DVDL-7079640A1 1 A02

Runout DVD2 Inner Ring:   DVDL-7079640B1 1 A01

Mastering SID Code DVD2 Outer:   IFPI L332

Mastering SID Code DVD2 Inner:   IFPI L330

Mould SID Code DVD2:   IFPI QM10

Runout DVD3 Outer Ring:   DVDL-7079660A1 1 A01

Runout DVD3 Inner Ring:   DVDL-7079660B1 1 A04

Mastering SID Code DVD3 Outer:   IFPI L333

Mastering SID Code DVD3 Inner:   IFPI L333

Mould SID Code DVD3:   IFPI QW4A

55 videos. Running time: 383:18 (4 hrs of videos + including 2 hrs audio commentaries by Dave Gahan, Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore)

Video: 4:3 (1-1.1 to 1-1.20, 2-1.1 to 2-1.19, 3-1.1 to 3-1.4, 3-1.6, 3-1.11, 3-3.1 to 3-3.3) / Anamorphic 16:9 (3-1.5, 3-1.7 to 3-1.10, 3-1.12 to 3-1.16, 3-3.4)

Audio: PCM stereo 24bit/48kHz (videos) / Dolby Digital stereo (commentaries)

Region: 0

Packaging: 6 panel spot varnished card sleeve and 16 page booklet in slipcase

Depeche Mode are Andy Fletcher, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore

Alan Wilder was a member of Depeche Mode from 1982 until 1995

Vince Clarke was a member of Depeche Mode until 1981

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