Depeche Mode 'New Life Tour' 1981

Depeche Mode

Name tour:  

New Life Tour

Tour dates:  

Start: 01 June 1981 / End: 26 August 1981

Total executed:  

13 songs

Total show:  



Dave Gahan:  

lead vocals

Martin Gore:  

synthesizers, backing vocals

Andy Fletcher:  

synthesizers, backing vocals and bass

Vince Clarke:  

synthesizers, backing vocals, lead vocals, electric guitar



01. Intro - Shout! (Instrumental)

02. Television Set

03. Boys Say Go!

04. New Life

05. Puppets

06. Ice Machine

07. Big Muff

08. Just Can’t Get Enough

09. What’s Your Name?

10. Tora! Tora! Tora!

11. Photographic

12. The Price Of Love

13. Dreaming Of Me



01.06 - London (UK) - The Bridgehouse

02.06 - London (UK) - Hammersmith Palais

11.06 - London (UK) - Evening Show with Richard Skinner (BBC Radio 1 - "Boys Say Go!", "Big Muff", "Photographic", "Tora! Tora! Tora!")

27.06 - Rayleigh (UK) - The Crocs

09.07 - Chadwell Heath (UK) - Regency Suite

16.07 - London (UK) - BBC Tops Of The Pops

23.07 - London (UK) - The Victoria Venue

25.07 - Den Haag (Netherlands) - Zeiders Park (Parkpop Festival)

30.07 - Slough (UK) - Alexandra's

02.08 - Brighton (UK) - Jenkinsons (two concerts)

05.08 - Manchester (UK) - Rafter's Club (two concerts)

06.08 - Leeds (UK) - Warehouse (two concerts)

07.08 - Edinburgh (UK) - Nite Club (two concerts)

26.08 - London (UK) - I.C.A.


29.05.1981. New Life - single release. Half a million copies will be delivered in the summer.

The "New Life" Tour. It is a tour that can only be called with great goodwill, as there were just over a dozen shows on the promotional tour. However, this is the first time the team has toured with a pre-recorded song script, which means the same setlist. Double gigs in August, 5:00 for Under-18s, 8:00 for over-18s.

11.06.1981. Richard Skinner show a BBC Radio London studios; 4-many live radio broadcasts-are the first in the band's life.

25.06.1981. "Top Of The Pops" TV-show a BBC London studio; playback recording on the most popular music TV show of the era - also for the first time in the life of the band.

23.07.1981. London, The Victoria Venue. The first very successful concert with a full house, on the day of Martin Gore's twentieth birthday.

25.07.1981. Den Haag (Netherlands), Zeiders Park. The first foreign show.

29.07.1981. London, The Bridgehouse. So-called secret gig, which was not officially recorded on the tour. The band was featured on the posters entitled 'Modepeche Return: Dreaming Of A: New Life'. The band celebrated their third "Top Of The Pops" "New Life" performance at home.

26.08.1981. London, I.C.A.. Full concert. 3-many LIVE FM radio broadcasts. "Boys Say Go!", "The Price Of Love" (cover), "Dreaming Of Me".


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