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Ghosts Again (Remixes)


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12"LP: 44-321915 | DIGITAL: G010005050902D | Premiere: G0100050017424


09 February 2023

Release date:  

12"LP: 10 November 2023 | Digital: 05 May 2023


James Ford and Marta Salogni

Design of single:  

Anton Corbijn

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LP 12"






UK chart:  

20 position



Dave Gahan


Martin Gore



Ghosts Again (Remixes)

Eight Unique Reinterpretations of Memento Mori Lead Single Out Now

Depeche Mode has released Ghosts Again (Remixes), a collection of Martin Gore and Dave Gahan-approved reinterpretations of the Billboard Hot Trending Songs #1 and AAA, Alternative and Rock top 10 charting single from the band’s universally acclaimed 15th studio album, Memento Mori (Columbia Records). Available now across digital platforms, Ghosts Again (Remixes) showcases myriad new dimensions of the “deliciously unfussy” (Pitchfork) Memento Mori lead single hailed for “its smoldering take on the fleeting qualities of time and the illusory nature of death” (Salon).

Ghosts Again (Remixes) finds some of the most exciting names in the electronic music space covering a diverse range of sonic terrain—from the melodic techno of rising star Massano to the big Berghain vibes of a collaboration between legends Chris Liebing and Luke Slater. “I have been a big fan of Depeche Mode for so many years. They have influenced the way that I think about music and DJ,” said Liebling. “I’m extremely grateful that I could not only do another remix, but that I also got to do it with one of the biggest legends in Techno world [Luke Slater].” Slater added, “When I was a kid I was buying Depeche Mode 7-inches, the early ones. I remember that well… What I love about Depeche Mode is that over the years they have just formed a world of themselves… They’ve kind of covered this timeless zone and I think that’s really special”

On the leftfield front, Ghosts Again (Remixes) features a deep house version from Moroccan up-and-comer Bergsonist, as well as a moody take from Matthew Herbert, who commented, “I quite liked the idea of ‘we’ll be ghosts again’… everyone vanished from the dancefloor. The idea of the temporary community that’s being built.” The release also includes experimental remixes from Chris & Cosey collaborator Nik Colk Void, Rival Consoles and Miss Grit, as well as Davide Rossi who recorded strings for Memento Mori and contributes an ethereal strings-only version here. “I wanted to do this [remix] as a tribute to my love for the band,” Rossi said. “I am so thrilled that they decided to keep it and release it.”

The complete track listing for Ghosts Again (Remixes) is:

1. Ghosts Again Massano Remix

2. Ghosts Again Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater Remix

3. Ghosts Again Miss Grit Remix

4. Ghosts Again Rival Consoles Remix

5. Ghosts Again Matthew Herbert’s Feelings Remix

6. Ghosts Again Davide Rossi Strings Remix

7. Ghosts Again Bergsonist’s Shadow Mix

8. Ghosts Again Nik Colk Void Remix

“Ghosts Again” has been a nightly highlight of Depeche Mode’s current Memento Mori World Tour, receiving rapturous reactions from capacity crowds on every stop of the tour’s recently wrapped North American first leg—which has received unanimous raves, with select critical notices including:

“Gahan and Gore delivered the show their fans hungered for… The visuals to complement each track were haunting, vivid and surreal… could’ve gone on for a few more hours and the crowd of diehards would’ve signed up for it, no questions asked.” — Consequence

“Depeche Mode demonstrated the power of rebirth” — Sacramento Bee

“The Memento Mori Tour will offer Depeche Mode fans a moment to reflect on our collective mortality, remember the ones we have lost, and continue to celebrate life – a mission that is deftly in-tune with the current zeitgeist.” — Sacramento News & Review

“Darkly mesmerizing evening of music” — Mercury News

“Death-defying evening… a gutsy two-hour performance” — Los Angeles Times

“Depeche Mode deliver the latest and greatest in a thrilling show in Inglewood… Surely melancholy has never felt as a good as it did at the end of Depeche Mode‘s main set at the Kia Forum” — OC Register

“A Depeche Mode concert manages to straddle that line between digging deep into its four-decade catalog and not feeling like a legacy act… no signs of slowing down… When you’re timeless like them, there’s no reason for it to end.” — Variety

“’Ghosts Again’—a warm, mid-tempo charmer… nestled in amongst the band’s classics, as if a space had always existed for it.” — Las Vegas Weekly

“The band’s sound was just as big, a low-end rumble of keyboards and drums that could be felt as much as heard on the floor of the arena, with a pulse that hit you in the chest.” — San Antonio Express News

“Time continues to prove Depeche Mode one of the most influential and visionary groups in pop-music history… Gahan and Gore played with a passion, focus and spirit that suggested they knew their history was still being written.” — Chicago Tribune

“A beautiful, life-affirming display of a band that, 43 years in, still has so much left to give… Incredible” — Chicago Sun-Times

“Jubilant celebration… a deft balance between melancholy and joy which ran an emotional gamut.” — Forbes

“Dave Gahan and Martin Gore… bristled with vitality while facing mortality head-on” — Billboard


Digital Download WAV | FLAC | MP3

World Premiere: 9 February 2023 | Columbia: G0100050017424

01.   "Ghosts Again" 03:59

Depeche Mode


Sony Music | 196589880116 | 02 February 2023 (UK/US)

1   "Ghosts Again" 03:59

2   "Ghosts Again" (Radio Edit) 03:24

3   "Ghosts Again" (Dave Liner) 00:05

4   "Ghosts Again" (Martin Liner) 00:05

5   "Ghosts Again" (Dave Liner - Full Album) 00:13

6   "Ghosts Again" (Instrumental) 03:59


UPC Code:   196589880116

Grid Code:   G0100050017424

ISRC Ghosts Again:   USQX92206015

ISRC Ghosts Again (Radio Edit):   USQX92300808

ISRC Ghosts Again (Instrumental):   USQX92300812

Album Title:   Ghosts Again

Artist:   Depeche Mode

Label:   Columbia

Release Date:   02.09.2023

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Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode


Digital Remixes (Columbia) | G010005050902D | worldwide 05 May 2023

1   "Ghosts Again" (Massano Remix) 06:42

2   "Ghosts Again" (Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater Remix) 08:06

3   "Ghosts Again" (Miss Grit Remix) 03:51

4   "Ghosts Again" (Rival Consoles Remix) 03:46

5   "Ghosts Again" (Matthew Herbert's Feelings Remix) 07:50

6   "Ghosts Again" (Davide Rossi Strings Remix) 04:00

7   "Ghosts Again" (Bergsonist's Shadow Mix) 04:08

8   "Ghosts Again" (Nik Colk Void Remix) 04:35

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode




"Ghosts Again", the first single from "Memento Mori", became one of the ten most popular songs on radio.

The remixes of "Ghosts Again" are edited by Massano, an English melodic techno talent, as well as Chris Liebing and Luke Slater, the first German and second English, renowned and respected DJs and producers of techno and electronic music.

With over 100 million records sold and live shows attracting over 35 million fans worldwide, DEPECHE MODE are an ever-evolving musical force that still influences music today and is a lifelong source of inspiration to all of their fans and for critics and artists.

Memento Mori White Label Remix Series

12" single Columbia | 44-321915 | 10 November 2023 (US)

UK chart: 5 position


Ghosts Again (Massano Remix) 06:43


Ghosts Again (Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater Remix) 08:06


Barcode:   1 96588 37811 9

Runout Label Side A:   19658837811A

Runout Label Side AA:   19658837811B

Runout Side A:   19658-83781-1-A-RE-1 WG/NRP ⓤ

Runout Side AA:   19658-83781-1-B-RE-1 WG/NRP ⓤ

Other Front sticker:   19658837811S1

Runout Rear sticker:   19658837811S2

Vinyl record format:   45RPM STEREO

These LIMITED EDITION 12” pressings are individually numbered. 45 RPM, BLACK vinyl disc, in die cut single pocket jacket with 2 stickers (1 on front, 1 on back), with generic paper dust sleeve. Issued shrink-wrapped in white die-cut single pocket jacket with white, die-cut paper inner. Stickers are on sleeve. Release sales start on December 18, 23.

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Ghosts Again

Release 09 February 2023

Written by Martin Gore and Richard Butler

Produced by James Ford and Marta Salogni

Video directed by Anton Corbijn

Ghosts Again (Mural Time-Lapse)

Release 15 March 2023

Written by Martin Gore and Richard Butler

Produced by James Ford and Marta Salogni

Music video by Depeche Mode

Annonce Release Video 'Ghosts Again'

08 February 2023

'Ghosts Again' Vinegar Hill Sessions

Release 29 March 2023

Music video by Kort Havens

NOTE: Marta Salogni "Loved performing a live version of Ghosts Again with Dave, Martin and James at Vinegar Hills Studios in NYC. Lots of tape machines for this one. Split the signals and processed all instruments and vocals live, and everything else was coming from the 8 track tape at the back."



"Ghosts Again" 03:59  •  Produced by James Ford, Marta Salogni. Mixed by Marta Salogni. Engineered by Marta Salogni. Assisted by Gregg White, Francine Perry, Grace Banks. Songwriter by Martin L. Gore, Richard Butler.

"Ghosts Again" (Radio Edit) 03:24  •  Produced by James Ford, Marta Salogni. Mixed by Marta Salogni. Engineered by Marta Salogni. Assisted by Gregg White, Francine Perry, Grace Banks. Songwriter by Martin L. Gore, Richard Butler.

"Ghosts Again" (Instrumental) 03:59  •  Produced by James Ford, Marta Salogni. Mixed by Marta Salogni. Engineered by Marta Salogni. Assisted by Gregg White, Francine Perry, Grace Banks. Songwriter by Martin L. Gore, Richard Butler.

"Ghosts Again" (Massano Remix) 06:42  •  Remix by Massano

"Ghosts Again" (Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater Remix) 08:06  •  Remix by Chris Liebing, Luke Slater

"Ghosts Again" (Miss Grit Remix) 03:51  •  Remix by Miss Grit

"Ghosts Again" (Rival Consoles Remix) 03:46  •  Remix by Rival Consoles

"Ghosts Again" (Matthew Herbert's Feelings Remix) 07:50  •  Remix by Matthew Herbert

"Ghosts Again" (Davide Rossi Strings Remix) 04:00  •  Remix by Davide Rossi

"Ghosts Again" (Bergsonist's Shadow Mix) 04:08  •  Remix by Bergsonist

"Ghosts Again" (Nik Colk Void Remix) 04:35  •  Remix by Nik Colk Void

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Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode


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