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Depeche Mode 'Bong 50' December 2001

Format : A4 / Pages : 28 / Came with : Exclusive interview CD

Depeche Mode


Depeche Mode Commemorative BONGFAN1

Available only with BONG 50

The Official Magazine of Depeche Mode

Non-Music | interview

What Got You Into Music And Start A Band? 00:40

How Did You Meet Fletch And Martin? 00:18

How Did Synthesisers End Up Becoming Part Of The Band? 00:39

What Was Il That Lead You To Want To Leave Depeche Mode? 00:28

Has The Success Of The Group Surprised You? 00:34

Why Do You Think Depeche Are So Successful In Europe? 00:54

Did The Band's Success In America Surprise You? 00:32

Can You Recall Your Initial Reaction Upon Hearing "Enjoy The Silence"? 01:22

Did Touring Ever Concern You, Espacially When Depeche Started Getting Bigger? 01:22

How Important Do You Think Il Was That The Band Completed "Ultra"? 01:11

Where Does "Exciter" Find Depeche Mode? 01:48

Why Have They Lasted The Course For So Long? 01:43

What Has Working With The Band Meant To You? 01:30

How Did You First Get Involved With The Band? 01:46

Do You Think Your Work Fits Well With Martin's Music? 00:35

How Would You Explain Your Relationship With Depeche Mode? 01:16

What Do You View As Your Best Work? 01:12

Do You Have Any Favourite Depeche Records? 00:27

Can You Remember The Audition You Had To Take Before Joining The Depeche Touring Wagon Following Vince's Departure? 01:22

Is It Fair To Say That The Band Were Pioneers Of Sampling? 00:55

Do You Believe That The Bands Internal Tensions During The Recording Of "Black Celebration Was Ultimately What Made It Such A Great Record? 01:08

How Did The Band Decide Which Tracks They Would Release As Singles? 00:33

What Was The Reason Behind Selecting The Pasadena Rose Bowl For The 101 Concert? 01:05

How Do You Recall The Recording Sessions For "Violator"? 01:45

Were The Band Happy With ''songs Of Faith And Devotion''? 00:58

Do You Feel Proud Of Your Time With Depeche Mode? 01:05

Why Do You Think The Depeche Phenomenon Took Off In The US? 01:37

Can You Recall Your Memories Of The 101 Gig? 01:24

How Did Depeche Decide Which Singles To Release From "Violator"? 01:28

Looking Back What Memories Do You Have Of Recording "Ultra"? 00:46

Does It Bother You That The UK Press On The Whole Don't Embrace You As Much As Their Foreign Counterparts? 00:49

What Influence Do You Think Depeche Have Had On Music? 00:37

Why Have The Band, And Your Success, Lasted For So Long? 00:48

Who Inspired You To Want To Join A Band? 01:21

Are There Any Defining Moments That Spring To Mind When You Reflect Over The Last 21 Years? 00:39

If There Was One Image To Encapsulate Your Time With Depeche Mode, Which One Would Il Be? 00:37

What Would You Say Each Of You Bring Io The Band? 01:38

Are You Conscious Of Not Duplicating What You've Done In The Past? Does Il Gel Harder As Lime Goes By? 00:26

What Sort Of Music Were You Listening To And Being Influenced By, Prior To Going Into The Studio To Record "Exciter"? 00:45

What Sort Of Themes Have Been Covered In "Exciter"? 00:24

Which Bands Were Inspiring You To Want To Be In A Band? 00:21

How Would You Sum Up The Relationship Depeche Mode Have With Their Fans? 00:23

How Would You Describe Your Present Relationship With Each Other? 00:33

You've Suggested That Depeche Are Seen As Outsiders. Would You Have Il Any Other Way? 00:25

In View Of The Bands History, How Do You Think You Have Managed To Stay Together? 01:05


Runout:   E4296 BONGFAN 1 01 1:0 Technicolor

Mastering SID Code:   IFPI L129

Mould SID Code:   ifpi 2307

The CD contains a compilation of clips from a BBC London 94.9 FM radio documentary about Depeche Mode presented by Gary Crowley on May 7th, 2001.

Only the answers are contained on the CD, the questions are listed in the magazine.

Depeche Mode



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