Dave Gahan 'Mother Of Earth' 2023

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Dave Gahan

Mother Of Earth

author: Jeffrey Lee

I've gone down the river of sadness

I've gone down the river of pain

In the dark, under the wires

I hear them call my name

I gave you the key to the highway

And the key to my motel door

And I'm tired of leaving and leaving

I can't come back anymore

Oh, my dark-eyed friend

I've recalled you again

Soft voices that speak nothing

Speak nothing to the end

"Oh, mother of Earth", the blind they call

But, yet stay behind the wall

Their sadness grows like weeds upon my thighs and knees

Oh, mother of Earth, the wind is hot

I tried my best, but I could not

And my eyes fade from me in this open country


Dave Gahan

UFA launch on 15.08.2008

Dave Gahan

"Try listening to what I'm trying to say"


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