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A Night With Martin Gore 2003

Martin Gore

Tour name:  

A Night With Martin Gore

Tour dates:  

Start date: 22 April 2003, End date: 07 May 2003

Martin Gore:  

lead vocals

Peter Gordeno:  

keyboards, backing vocals

Andrew Phillpott:  

programming, guitar (during Surrender)




Martin L. Gore has announced details of European dates to coincide with the release of his solo album "CounterfeitВІ" on April 28th.

April 22nd - Stockholm, Nalen

April 24th - Cologne, E-Werk

April 26th - Hamburg, Hamburg Docks

April 28th - Paris, La Cigale

April 30th - Milan, Alcatraz

May 2nd - London, Astoria

Martin will be performing songs from "CounterfeitВІ", a wildly diverse and passionate collection that sees Gore radically rework tracks originally made famous by the likes of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Kurt Weill, John Lennon, Brian Eno and David Essex.

Recorded at his home studio, Gore revisits and reinvents songs which have touched him deeply over the years. The tracks range from sultry 21st Century blues to achingly lovely sci-fi lullabies; sublime alt-country crooners to engrossing electronic torch songs. A glittering haul of buried treasure, their only guiding spirit being the visceral emotional attachment felt by Martin towards them.

"I really wanted to get across a fan's perspective," says Martin. "There is something about the songs I like that somehow gives the album a thread. Deep emotions, I suppose. There has to be a personal connection."

For further information please contact Sarah Lowe at Mute Records (UK)



01.   "In My Time Of Dying"

02.   "Stardust"

03.   "I Cast A Lonesome Shadow"

04.   "Only When I Lose Myself"

05.   "Sweetest Perfection"

06.   "Coming Back To You"

07.   "By This River"

08.   "Lost In The Stars"

09.   "In Your Room"

10.   "Walking In My Shoes"

11.   "Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth"

12.   "Surrender"

13.   "The Love Thieves"

14.   "Candy Says"


15.   "Loverman"

16.   "A Question of Lust"

17.   "Condemnation" (26.04)

* "Home" (28.04, 30.04, 02.05 и 06.05)

* "Enjoy The Silence" (07.05)

18.   "Shake The Disease"

All songs performed were written by Martin L. Gore except for In My Time Of Dying (Blind Willie Johnson), Stardust (David Essex), I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Hank Thompson), Coming Back To You (Leonard Cohen), By This River (Brian Eno), Lost In The Stars (Kurt Weill), Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Ron Mael), Candy Says (The Velvet Underground), and Loverman (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds).


22.04 - Nalen - Stora Salen, Stockholm, Sweden

24.04 - E-Werk, Cologne, Germany

26.04 - Docks, Hamburg, Germany

28.04 - La Cigale, Paris, France

30.04 - Alcatraz, Milan, Italy

02.05 - Astoria Theatre, London, England


06.05 - Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA

07.05 - Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Live in Milan 2003 + Interview

E-Werk, Cologne, Germany (24.04.2003)

Martin Gore

Martin Gore

Martin Gore

Martin Gore



Martin Gore

Martin Gore

"Got to move on sometime"

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