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Catalog number:  

BOX - 12DMBOX07 / Digital

Release date:  

17 July 2020

Restoration and    remastering:  

Abbey Road Studios

The artwork logo:  

Anton Corbijn

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Dave Gahan


Martin Gore


Andy Fletcher



Alan Wilder (October 1982 - 01 June 1995 | one-off show in 2010)



Sony Music Entertainment's Depeche Mode 12" vinyl singles project continues with the release of Violator | The 12" Singles on 24 April 2020.

Violator | The 12" Singles, a collector's edition deluxe box set, contains ten 12" vinyl discs showcasing the singles--Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence, Policy Of Truth, World In My Eyes--and key B-sides and mixes contemporaneous to Depeche Mode's watershed Violator album.

Violator extended Depeche Mode's increasingly mind-blowing run of 12" singles (with a virtually unprecedented number of remixes for "Personal Jesus" alone). Violator introduced fans to some of the most enduring songs in the DM catalog including "Enjoy The Silence," "Policy Of Truth" and "World In My Eyes."

Violator | The 12" Singles contains the original and special edition versions of each single, including the etched vinyl version of "Enjoy The Silence," the blue sealed edition of "World In My Eyes" plus a bonus promo 12" of "World In My Eyes" which features exclusive rarities.

The Depeche Mode 12" Singles Series will continue over the coming years, with plans to release boxes containing the singles from each of the band's albums in similar deluxe audiophile-grade collector's editions.

Violator | The 12″ Singles contains:

Personal Jesus (12BONG17)

Personal Jesus – Remix (L12BONG17)

Enjoy The Silence (12BONG18)

Enjoy The Silence – Remix (L12BONG18)

Enjoy The Silence – Remix (XL12BONG18) – Etched

The Policy Of Truth (12BONG19)

The Policy Of Truth – Remix (L12BONG19)

World In My Eyes (12BONG20)

World In My Eyes – Remix (L12BONG20) – Blue sealed edition

World In My Eyes – Promo (P12BONG20)


A 2020 limited edition box set containing replica 12" singles taken from the album "Violator".

Along with the 12" singles, there was a download card included, allowing the buyer to download all the tracks as uncompressed 16 bit WAV files.

Also contained in the box set was a replica UK promo poster for "Enjoy The Silence".

The boxes were made by Sony globally. Boxes sold in North America had a different card on the back of the box, with North American release credits and logos (Sire, Rhino).

Depeche Mode Violator | The 12” Singles

Numbered limited edition

10 x 12'' Singles faithfully reproduced from original artwork and audio masters

Includes original and Special Edition versions of each single:

Personal Jesus

Enjoy The Silence

Policy Of Truth

World In My Eyes


Etched vinyl of Enjoy The Silence

Blue sealed edition of World In My Eyes

Promo 12" of World In My Eyes

Plus reproduction marketing poster and digital download code

A note from Depeche Mode 01 April 2020

First and foremost, we hope that all of you are safe and healthy at home with your loved ones. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected in ways big and small by the pandemic, and our heartfelt thanks go out to all of the first responders, medical workers, and everyone helping our global community navigate and overcome this crisis.

While it is far from the top of the list of important items right now, we wanted to let you know that the releases scheduled for April and May will be delayed into the summer as supply chains and retailers focus on delivering essential goods where they're needed around the world. We apologize and we'll provide a further update when we know more.

Stay safe, stay strong, and hopefully the power of music can keep us all connected and help us all through this challenging time.


12" (180g) Heavy Vinyl | Limited Edition | Numbered | EU

Personal Jesus | 12BONG17

A   "Personal Jesus" (Holier Than Thou Approach) 05:49

B   "Dangerous" (Sensual Mix) 05:22

B   "Personal Jesus" (Acoustic) 03:27

Personal Jesus | L12BONG17

A   "Personal Jesus" (Pump Mix) 07:47

B   "Personal Jesus" (Telephone Stomp Mix) 05:34

B   "Dangerous" (Hazchemix) 05:34

Enjoy The Silence | 12BONG18

A   "Enjoy The Silence" (7" Version) 04:18

A   "Enjoy The Silence" (Hands And Feet Mix) 06:41

B   "Enjoy The Silence" (Ecstatic Dub) 05:44

B   "Sibeling" 03:20

Enjoy The Silence | L12BONG18

A   "Enjoy The Silence" (Bass Line) 07:42

A   "Enjoy The Silence" (Harmonium) 02:43

B   "Enjoy The Silence" (Ricki Tik Tik Mix) 05:33

B   "Memphisto" 04:01

Enjoy The Silence | XL12BONG18

A   "Enjoy The Silence" (The Quad: Final Mix) 15:30

B   (Includes etching on the reverse side)

Policy Of Truth | 12BONG19

A   "Policy Of Truth" (Beat Box) 06:31

B   "Policy Of Truth" (Capitol Mix) 08:01

B   "Kaleid" (When Worlds Mix) 05:23

Policy Of Truth | L12BONG19

A   "Policy Of Truth" (Trancentral Mix) 05:55

B   "Kaleid" (Remix) 04:36

B   "Policy Of Truth" (Pavlov's Dub) 06:02

World In My Eyes | 12BONG20

A   "World In My Eyes" (Oil Tank Mix) 07:29

B   "Happiest Girl" (Kiss-A-Mix) 06:15

B   "Sea Of Sin" (Sensoria) 06:08

World In My Eyes | L12BONG20

A   "World In My Eyes (Dub In My Eyes) 06:54

B   "World In My Eyes (Mode To Joy) 06:28

B   "Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix) 06:26

World In My Eyes | P12BONG20

A   "World In My Eyes" (Mayhem Mode) 04:55

B   "Happiest Girl" (The Pulsating Orbital Instrumental Mix) 07:58


WAV | 16 bit | 44.1 kHz | Stereo | EU

1   "Personal Jesus" (Holier Than Thou Approach) 05:49

2   "Dangerous" (Sensual Mix) 05:22

3   "Personal Jesus" (Acoustic) 03:27

4   "Personal Jesus" (Pump Mix) 07:47

5   "Personal Jesus" (Telephone Stomp Mix) 05:34

6   "Dangerous" (Hazchemix) 05:34

7   "Enjoy The Silence" (7" Version) 04:18

8   "Enjoy The Silence" (Hands And Feet Mix) 06:41

9   "Enjoy The Silence" (Ecstatic Dub) 05:44

10   "Sibeling" 03:20

11   "Enjoy The Silence" (Bass Line) 07:42

12   "Enjoy The Silence" (Harmonium) 02:43

13   "Enjoy The Silence" (Ricki Tik Tik Mix) 05:33

14   "Memphisto" 04:01

15   "Enjoy The Silence" (The Quad: Final Mix) 15:30

16   "Policy Of Truth" (Beat Box) 06:31

17   "Policy Of Truth" (Capitol Mix) 08:01

18   "Kaleid" (When Worlds Mix) 05:23

19   "Policy Of Truth" (Trancentral Mix) 05:55

20   "Kaleid" (Remix) 04:36

21   "Policy Of Truth" (Pavlov's Dub) 06:02

22   "World In My Eyes" (Oil Tank Mix) 07:29

23   "Happiest Girl" (Kiss-A-Mix) 06:15

24   "Sea Of Sin" (Sensoria) 06:08

25   "World In My Eyes" (Dub In My Eyes) 06:54

26   "World In My Eyes" (Mode To Joy) 06:28

27   "Happiest Girl" (The Pulsating Orbital Mix) 06:26

28   "World In My Eyes" (Mayhem Mode) 04:55

29   "Happiest Girl" (The Pulsating Orbital Instrumental Mix) 07:58

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