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Depeche Mode 'Some Great Reward' 1984 Song Lyrics by Album

Depeche Mode

Something To Do

author: Martin Gore

My little girl

Won't you come with me

Come with me

Tell me


Is there something to do

I'm going crazy with boredom

Come with me

Tell me


Grey sky over a black town

I can feel depression

All around

You've got your leather boots on


I can't stand another drink

It's surprising this town

Doesn't sink

You've got your leather boots on


Your pretty dress is oil stained

From working too hard

For too little

You've got your leather boots on


You're feeling the boredom too

I'd gladly go with you

I'd put your leather boots on

I'd put your pretty dress on

Lie To Me

author: Martin Gore

Come on and lay with me

Come on and lie to me

Tell me you love me

Say I'm the only one


Experiences have a lasting impression

But words once spoken

Don't mean a lot now

Belief is the way

The way of the innocent

And when I say innocent

I should say naive

So lie to me

But do it with sincerity

Make me listen

Just for a minute

Make me think

There's some truth in it


Promises made for convenience

Aren't necessarily

What we need

Truth is a word

That's lost its meaning

The truth has become

Merely half-truth

So lie to me

Like they do it in the factory

Make me think

That at the end of the day

Some great reward

Will be coming my way

People Are People

author: Martin Gore

People are people

So why should it be

You and I should get along so awfully


So we're different colours

And we're different creeds

And different people have different needs

It's obvious you hate me

Though I've done nothing wrong

I've never even met you so what could I have done


I can't understand

What makes a man

Hate another man

Help me understand


Help me understand


Now you're punching

And you're kicking

And you're shouting at me

I'm relying on your common decency

So far it hasn't surfaced

But I'm sure it exists

It just takes a while to travel

From your head to your fists

It Doesn't Matter

author: Martin Gore

I am happy

That I have you

Even though you're not here now

I know somewhere

You are dreaming

Though it's definitely not of me


It doesn't matter

If all this shatters

Nothing lasts forever

But I'm praying

That we're staying



I am warmed

By your friendship

Even when you're far away

And I'm happy

In the knowledge

We may never see the day


When I kiss you

And you kiss me

Don't pretend you miss me

The worst kind

Of diseases mind

Is on filled with jealousy


If we should meet again

Don't try to solve the puzzle

Just lay down next to me

And please don't move a muscle


I will thank you

Most of all for

The respect you have for me

I'm embarrassed

It overwhelms me

Because I don't deserve any

Stories Of Old

author: Martin Gore

Take a look at unselected cases

You'll find love has been wrecked

By both sides compromising

Amounting to a disastrous effect


You hear stories of old

Of princes bold

With riches untold

Happy souls

Casting it all aside

To take some bride

To have the girl of their dreams

At their side

But not me

I couldn't do that

Not me

I'm not like that


I couldn't sacrifice

Anything at all

To love


I really like you

I'm attracted to you

The way you move

The things you do

I'll probably burn in hell

For saying this

But I'm really in heaven

Whenever we kiss

But Oh no!

You won't change me

You can try

For an eternity


I wouldn't sacrifice

Anything at all

To love


Now I've got things to do

You have too

And I've got to be me

You've got to be you

So take my hand

And feel these lips

And let's savour a kiss

Like we'd savour a sip

Of vintage wine

One more time

Let's surrender

To this love divine


But we won't sacrifice

Anything at all

To love


author: Martin Gore

I want somebody to share

Share the rest of my life

Share my innermost thoughts

Know my intimate details

Someone who'll stand by my side

And give me support

And in return

She'll get my support

She will listen to me

When I want to speak

About the world we live in

And life in general

Though my views may be wrong

They may even be perverted

She will hear me out

And won't easily be converted

To my way of thinking

In fact she'll often disagree

But at the end of it all

She will understand me


I want somebody who cares

For me passionately

With every thought and with every breath

Someone who'll help me see things

In a different light

All the things I detest

I will almost like

I don't want to be tied

To anyone's strings

I'm carefully trying to steer clear

Of those things

But when I'm asleep

I want somebody

Who will put their arms around me

And kiss me tenderly

Though things like this

Make me sick

In a case like this

I'll get away with it

Master And Servant

author: Martin Gore

There's a new game

We like to play you see

A game with added reality

You treat me like a dog

Get me down on my knees


We call it master and servant

We call it master and servant


It's a lot like life

This play between the sheets

With you on top and me underneath

Forget all about equality


Let's play master and servant

Let's play master and servant


It's a lot like life

And that's what's appealing

If you despise that throwaway feeling

From disposable fun

Then this is the one


Domination's the name of the game

In bed or in life

They're both just the same

Except in one you're fulfilled

At the end of the day


Let's play master and servant

Let's play master and servant


Let's play master and servant

Come on master and servant

If You Want

author: Alan Wilder

Working week's come to its end

Party time is here again

Everyone can come if they want to

If you want to be with me

If you want to be with me

You can come with me if you want to


Exercise your basic right

We could build a building site

From the bricks of shame is built the hope

If you want to be with me

If you want to be with me

Even though you may still not want to


Let tomorrow and today

Bring a life of ecstacy

Wipe away your tears of confusion

If you want to be with me

If you want to be with me

You can come with me if you want to

Even though you still may not want to

Blasphemous Rumours

author: Martin Gore

Girl of 16

Whole life ahead of her

Slashed her wrists

Bored with life

Didn't succeed

Thank the lord

For small mercies


Fighting back the tears

Mother reads the note again

16 candles burn in her mind

She takes the blame

It's always the same

She goes down on her knees

And prays


I don't want to start

Any blasphemous rumours

But I think that God's

Got a sick sense of humour

And when I die

I expect to find Him laughing


Girl of 18

Fell in love with everything

Found new life

In Jesus Christ

Hit by a car

Ended up

On a life support machine


Summer's day

As she passed away

Birds were singing

In the summer sky

Then came the rain

And once again

A tear fell

From her mother's eye


Depeche Mode

In Your Memory

single: "People Are People" / author: Alan Wilder

Put up the barriers

Shut down your senses

Cover up with all of your pretences

See no evil

Your eyes are blunted

We are the hunters

We are the hunted


Place it in your memory

Leave it in your past

But don't forget


Taking a tumble

I'm taking a dive

Sometimes I stumble

when my mind's made up

Reaction levels

Seem strangely muted

Ordinary acts of fun have been diluted


Place it in your memory

Leave it in your past

But don't forget

Depeche Mode

(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me

single: "Master And Servant" / author: Martin Gore

Set me free

Remotivate me

Set me burning

After years in deep freeze

My body is yearning

For a new lease on life

Add a little spice


Set me free

Remotivate me


Give me a reason

To scream and shout

Give me something

To get excited about

When everything is looking dull

I'm sure it isn't impossible to


Set me free

Remotivate me


Don't think I'm impatient

Because I'm willing to wait

But something must happen

Before it gets too late

It could be my imagination

But wasn't there more than this numb sensation


Set me free

Remotivate me


Set me free


Depeche Mode

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