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Sony Music Entertainment

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24 January 2020

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Anton Corbijn

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Dave Gahan


Martin Gore


Andy Fletcher



Alan Wilder (October 1982 - 01 June 1995)


Vince Clarke (1980 - 03 December 1981)

A 2020 limited edition CD box set containing all 14 studio albums, and four discs of b-sides and rare tracks.


Depeche Mode Announce MODE Box Set

The impact of Depeche Mode's music on their fans, and the musical landscape as a whole, is undeniable. By constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, while staying dedicated to their identity, Depeche Mode have maintained credibility with longtime followers, attracted new fans and continually inspired countless other musical artists. As the band continues this musical legacy, the MODE box set celebrates this history with an eye to what is still to come.

MODE is a comprehensive collection of the band's work to date - comprised of all 14 studio albums plus additional non-album material -- from 2017's Spirit back to DM's debut album Speak & Spell. In line with DM's signature aesthetic, the numbered, limited-edition set is housed in an elegant and minimalist black cube, with each disc similarly enclosed in a black, heavyweight card wallet. The albums' original covers have been re-interpreted in uniform black-on-black designs exclusive to this box set, and four additional bonus discs provide a chronological collection of non-album singles, b-sides and bonus tracks. Accompanying the audio content is a 228 page, gilt-edged book containing all of Depeche Mode's lyrics, compiled together for the first time, highlighting their collective visceral power and impact.

Reflecting on the set's content and design, the band commented, "With everything together in this all-black design it feels like a modern reflection of who we are and where we've come from. The set couldn't be more Depeche Mode."

Depeche Mode Box Set

Initial : release date - 22 November 2019

Final : release date - 24 January 2020


This box set collects all 14 of the band’s original studio albums in their original UK track listings and an additional 63 tracks across 4 CDs gathers together non-album singles, b-sides and bonus tracks from 1981 to 2017 including the previously unreleased "Heroes (Highline Session Version)". All of the band’s iconic artwork has been re-interpreted in all black artwork on exclusive black card sleeves. A 7 x 7" black gilt edged, 228 page book features the complete lyrics alongside career-spanning photographs and the original album cover artwork.

The CD contents are as below:

1. Speak & Spell

2. A Broken Frame

3. Construction Time Again

4. Some Great Reward

Depeche Mode

5. Black Celebration

6. Music For The Masses

7. Violator

8. Songs Of Faith And Devotion

9. Ultra

10. Exciter

11. Playing The Angel

12. Sounds Of The Universe

13. Delta Machine

14. Spirit

15. M (1981-1985)

16. O (1986-1990)

17. D (1993-2005)

18. E (2006-2017)


Limited Edition, Numbered, CD Box Set.

CD1 'Speak & Spell' 1981

"New Life" 3:46

"I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead" 02:18

"Puppets" 03:58

"Boys Say Go!" 03:07

"Nodisco" 04:15

"What's Your Name?" 02:45

"Photographic" 04:44

"Tora! Tora! Tora!" 04:37

"Big Muff" 04:24

"Any Second Now" (Voices) 02:35

"Just Can't Get Enough" 03:44

Depeche Mode

CD2 'A Broken Frame' 1982

"Leave In Silence" 04:48

"My Secret Garden" 04:46

"Monument" 03:14

"Nothing To Fear" 04:16

"See You" 04:33

"Satellite" 04:43

"The Meaning Of Love" 03:06

"A Photograph Of You" 03:05

"Shouldn't Have Done That" 03:13

"The Sun And The Rainfall" 05:05

Depeche Mode

CD3 'Construction Time Again' 1983

"Love, In Itself" 04:29

"More Than A Party" 04:45

"Pipeline" 05:54

"Everything Counts" 04:20

"Two Minute Warning" 04:13

"Shame" 03:51

"The Landscape Is Changing" 04:49

"Told You So" 04:26

"And Then..." 04:36

"Everything Counts" (Reprise) 00:55

Depeche Mode

CD4 'Some Great Reward' 1984

"Something To Do" 03:46

"Lie To Me" 05:03

"People Are People" 03:52

"It Doesn't Matter" 04:45

"Stories Of Old" 03:14

"Somebody" 04:27

"Master And Servant" 04:12

"If You Want" 04:40

"Blasphemous Rumours" 06:22

Depeche Mode

CD5 'Black Celebration' 1986

"Black Celebration" 04:55

"Fly On The Windscreen - Final" 05:18

"A Question Of Lust" 04:20

"Sometimes" 01:53

"It Doesn't Matter Two" 02:50

"A Question Of Time" 04:10

"Stripped" 04:16

"Here Is The House" 04:15

"World Full Of Nothing" 02:50

"Dressed In Black" 02:32

"New Dress" 03:42

Depeche Mode

CD6 'Music For The Masses' 1987

"Never Let Me Down Again" 04:47

"The Things You Said" 04:02

"Strangelove" 04:56

"Sacred" 04:47

"Little 15" 04:18

"Behind The Wheel" 05:18

"I Want You Now" 03:44

"To Have And To Hold" 02:51

"Nothing" 04:17

"Pimpf" 04:55

Depeche Mode

CD7 "Violator" 1990

"World In My Eyes" 04:26

"Sweetest Perfection" 04:43

"Personal Jesus" 04:56

"Halo" 04:30

"Waiting For The Night" 06:07

"Enjoy The Silence" 06:12

"Policy Of Truth" 04:55

"Blue Dress" 05:41

"Clean" 05:28

Depeche Mode

CD8 'Songs of Faith And Devotion' 1993

"I Feel You" 04:35

"Walking In My Shoes" 05:35

"Condemnation" 03:20

"Mercy In You" 04:17

"Judas" 05:14

"In Your Room" 06:26

"Get Right With Me" 03:32

"Rush" 04:37

"One Caress" 03:32

"Higher Love" 05:56

Depeche Mode

CD9 'Ultra' 1997

"Barrel Of A Gun" 05:35

"The Love Thieves" 06:34

"Home" 05:42

"It's No Good" 05:58

"Uselink" 02:21

"Useless" 05:12

"Sister Of Night" 06:04

"Jazz Thieves" 02:54

"Freestate" 06:44

"The Bottom Line" 04:26

"Insight" 06:26

"Junior Painkiller" 02:11

Depeche Mode

CD10 'Exciter' 2001

"Dream On" 04:18

"Shine" 05:29

"The Sweetest Condition" 03:40

"When The Body Speaks" 06:00

"The Dead Of Night" 04:48

"Lovetheme" 02:00

"Freelove" 06:07

"Comatose" 03:22

"I Feel Loved" 04:18

"Breathe" 05:16

"Easy Tiger" 02:05

"I Am You" 05:05

"Goodnight Lovers" 03:48

Depeche Mode

CD11 'Playing The Angel' 2005

"A Pain That I'm Used To" 4:11

"John The Revelator" 03:42

"Suffer Well" 03:50

"The Sinner In Me" 04:55

"Precious" 04:10

"Macro" 04:02

"I Want It All" 06:10

"Nothing's Impossible" 04:21

"Introspectre" 01:42

"Damaged People" 03:28

"Lilian" 04:46

"The Darkest Star" 06:55

Depeche Mode

CD12 'Sounds Of The Universe' 2009

"In Chains" 06:53

"Hole To Feed" 03:59

"Wrong" 03:13

"Fragile Tension" 04:09

"Little Soul" 03:31

"In Sympathy" 04:54

"Peace" 04:29

"Come Back" 05:15

"Spacewalker" 01:53

"Perfect" 04:33

"Miles Away / The Truth Is" 04:14

"Jezebel" 04:41

"Corrupt" 05:04

Depeche Mode

CD13 'Delta Machine' 2013

"Welcome To My World" 04:56

"Angel" 03:57

"Heaven" 04:03

"Secret To The End" 05:12

"My Little Universe" 04:24

"Slow" 03:45

"Broken" 03:58

"The Child Inside" 04:16

"Soft Touch/Raw Nerve" 03:26

"Should Be Higher" 05:04

"Alone" 04:29

"Soothe My Soul" 05:22

"Goodbye" 05:03

Depeche Mode

CD14 'Spirit' 2017

"Going Backwards" 05:42

"Where's The Revolution" 04:59

"The Worst Crime" 03:48

"Scum" 03:14

"You Move" 03:49

"Cover Me" 04:51

"Eternal" 02:24

"Poison Heart" 03:17

"So Much Love" 04:29

"Poorman" 04:25

"No More" (This Is The Last Time) 03:13

"Fail" 05:07

Depeche Mode

CD15 M (1981-1985)

1. Photographic (Some Bizarre Version)

2. Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead (Flexi-Pop Version)

3. Dreaming of Me

4. Ice Machine

5. Shout!

6. Any Second Now

7. Now This Is Fun

8. Oberkorn (It's a Small Town)

9. Excerpt from: My Secret Garden

10. Further Excerpts from: My Secret Garden

11. Get the Balance Right!

12. The Great Outdoors!

13. Work Hard

14. Fools

15. In Your Memory

16. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me

17. Shake the Disease

18. Flexible

19. It's Called a Heart

20. Fly On the Windscreen

Depeche Mode

CD16 O (1986-1990)

1. Dressed In Black (Record Mirror Version)

2. But Not Tonight

3. Breathing In Fumes

4. Black Day

5. Christmas Island

6. Agent Orange

7. Fpmip

8. Pleasure, Little Treasure

9. Route 66

10. Stjarna

11. Sonata No 14 in C#m (Moonlight Sonata)

12. Dangerous

13. Memphisto

14. Sibeling

15. Kaleid

16. Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)

17. Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)

Depeche Mode

CD17 D (1993-2005)

1. My Joy (Seven Inch Mix)

2. Death's Door (Soundtrack Version)

3. Death's Door (Jazz Mix)

4. Slowblow

5. Painkiller

6. Only When I Lose Myself

7. Surrender

8. Headstar

9. Easy Tiger

10. Dirt

11. Zenstation

12. Free

13. Newborn

14. Better Days

15. Martyr

Depeche Mode

CD18 E (2006-2017)

1. Oh Well (Single Version)

2. Oh Well

3. Light

4. The Sun and the Moon and the Stars

5. Ghost

6. Esque

7. Long Time Lie

8. Happens All the Time

9. Always

10. All That's Mine

11. Heroes (Highline Session Version)

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode


Upon reviewing the first MODE boxes coming off the production line, we've identified a handful of places where the box is not up to our standards based on the prototypes that were approved, and we're insisting that these issues are fixed before any boxes go to retailers or to fans. Our top priority is to ensure that the quality of the box, artwork, and printing match what was designed and intended.

These issues have been resolved but the MODE box set will now be released on Jan 24th.

If you planned to gift the box set for the holidays we’ve created the following that you can share with the recipient:  depechemodeboxset

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