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Null + Void ‎"Where I Wait" Remixes 2018

Dave Gahan


Where I Wait Remixes


Dave Gahan  

Hfn Music

Catalog number:  

Pt.1 - HFN76 / Pt.2 - HFN81 / Pt.3 - HFN82

Release date:  

Pt.1 - 16 March 2018 / Pt.2 - 20 April 2018 / Pt.3 - 25 May 2018

Formats edition:  

Digital Pt.1

Digital Pt.2

Digital Pt.3

Song Lyric


Where I Wait Remixes Pt. 1 - The Hacker

1   "Where I Wait" (The Hacker Remix) 05:57

2   "Where I Wait" (The Hacker Dub Remix) 05:57

Turning over remix duties to The Hacker - the French producer delivers a typically dark and driven take on the track. A mid paced groove unfolds with tightly programmed arpeggiated synths seemingly barely under control. Gahan’s iconic vocals float over the top, creating a powerful, poignant track.

Also included is a The Hacker’s Dub Remix, strippiung back the vocals into a few dubbed out snippets and echos, and focussing in on the tough groove, courtesy of the tight drums and thick, propulsive bass.

Dave Gahan


Where I Wait Remixes Pt. 2 - Kasper Bjørke

1   "Where I Wait" (Null + Void Rework) 06:03

2   "Where I Wait" (Kasper Bjørke Rework) 06:07

3   "Where I Wait" (Kasper Bjørke Instrumental Rework) 06:07

Here Null + Void himself takes on one of the reworks, twisting the original into a hard hitting electro bomb. Dave Gahan’s vocals float over the pulsing and punchy blips and bleeps to form a striking partnership.

The other two mixes are by Danish legend Kasper Bjørke, who opts for a more laconic pace - a chugging and playful groove provide the bedrock for the iconic vocals.

Bjørke also supplies an instrumental version to please the DJs, giving space to his exquisite production, right up to the compressed vinyl samples and detuned, fuzzy synths.

Dave Gahan


Where I Wait Remixes Pt. 3 - Alva Noto

1   "Where I Wait" (Alva Noto Reduxmodel) 05:01

2   "Where I Wait" (Alva Noto Reduxmodel Dub) 04:54

3   "Where I Wait" (Aristókrasía Version) 05:36

Building on the remix project of Null + Void’s ‘Where I Wait’, the third part of the project invites the one and only Alva Noto to provide his magic to Kurt Uenala’s standout track from last year’s album.

Carsten Nicolai needs little introduction, but it is fair to say that his Alva Noto project has collapsed the boundaries between techno, noise and soundtracks over his long and illustrious career.

Here he dives into ‘Where I Wait’ with precision tools, producing a thick, atmospheric electro rhythmic bed for Dave Gahan’s iconic vocals. The track finds a deep groove and sticks to it - the analog richness of the synth pulses a result of his unending quest for sonic brilliance.

The Alva Noto remodel dub strips away much of the vocals, but leaves fragments in place, dubbed out and sparse.

Also included on this release is the Aristókrasía Version in collaboration with Iceland’s Úlfur Eldjárn - previously surfaced towards the end of last year following the Cryosleep album, but here given a new lease of life in all its rich, neoclassical grandeur. Sweeping strings replace the electro pulses, and provide a totally new perspective on the track.

Dave Gahan


Where I Wait (Aristokrasia Version)

Release 25 June 2018

Video credits: fmk7

3d Modeling Dave Gahan: Haris Hrbat



Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan

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